Stanley Scherr, an unscrupulous tax attorney, who is the subject of disciplinary action by the IRS, becomes involved in a crime. IRS officials discover evidence that implicates the lawyer in this crime. However, the evidence is contained in audit files which cannot be disclosed because the information is protected by the IRS’s strict rules and procedures governing taxpayer confidentiality. As police detectives are precluded by law from obtaining confidential taxpayer information, the criminal investigation will be unsolved.

However, IRS officials are determined to seek retribution and in this respect, will turn to a legendary IRS agent for help. In addition, the FBI will join the IRS in its criminal investigation of the unethical lawyer and his clients, culminating in multiple criminal conspiracies when the lawyer becomes involved in international transactions having tax avoidance and tax evasion implications.

Before long, the unprincipled lawyer will see his tax practice implode and he will find himself charged with various criminal offenses along with his associate, a noted tax cheat pursued by the FBI in a massive tax evasion case. In a truly ironic reversal of justice, the only tax case in which a verdict has been awarded in favor of the lawyer will be set aside and re-tried when it becomes evident that someone manipulated the jury.

Will the corrupt attorney finally discover that crime does not pay?



Stanley Scherr, an unethical tax lawyer prominently featured in NONDISCLOSABLE, will finally receive a long overdue present from the Department of Justice. Stanley will go off to prison for tax evasion.

Simultaneously, the Justice Department is prosecuting a related tax evasion case which involves the largest individual tax cheat in history. However, before this case is concluded, it will lead to the criminal investigation of another related tax evasion case and implicate an individual who was once the most powerful man in the United States and one of the most influential figures in the world. The consequences of this investigation soon take a deadly turn.

Before the criminal investigation can be completed, potential witnesses will suffer a horrible fate. To ensure a successful prosecution, law enforcement authorities must utilize extreme measures and make difficult decisions that involve the art of deal making with a notorious figure.

FULL DISCLOSURE will take the reader on a wild ride through our criminal justice system and through a series of twists and turns. Will those guilty of criminal offenses will eventually be brought to justice? This book illustrates how, through a set of unique circumstances, one case can impact another unrelated case in a truly ironic twist of fate.



Imagine a bribery conspiracy, fraud, deception, abuse of power, and illicit sex. Now imagine that this is taking place within the IRS.

As the IRS continues with its criminal investigations, the Department of Justice is pursuing criminal prosecutions of those guilty of tax crimes. While this is taking place, a shocking discovery will be made that undermines the integrity of the IRS.

IRS employees responsible for the administration of the tax laws are discovered to be guilty of manipulating the tax system in a plot so ingenious that only one intrepid IRS agent can solve the mystery. However, while he is dealing with this problem, he must also match wits with a brilliant sociopath who is now behind bars.

IRS officials will later learn of a second bribery conspiracy that is equally shocking and controversial. The Justice Department has decided that for justice to be achieved, the mastermind of the criminal conspiracy must be brought to justice.

Revenue Agent Louie Lipschitz makes his triumphant return in DEN of THIEVES. But, can even he overcome all of the challenges in his path so that the guilty can be brought to justice?



While serving a prison sentence upon being found guilty of defrauding the IRS, Erica Whitman is plotting her revenge against the federal government. With the help of her co-defendant, Erica schemes to have her conspiracy conviction overturned and be exonerated of her upcoming tax evasion trial.

It is as if Erica has just won the lottery when she is asked to help someone in dire need of assistance. Crafting a diabolical strategy that will guarantee her instant wealth, Erica sets upon a scheme to extract revenge against federal prosecutors, while further conspiring to deprive the IRS of taxes that the agency is legally owed.

It is up to Justice Department and IRS officials to once again deal with an ingenious criminal mastermind whose greed and thirst for revenge is endless. At the same time, the IRS finds itself taking on numerous colorful characters who are determined to challenge its authority, while the police deal with murder contracts placed on the head of Louie Lipschitz, a legendary IRS agent who has incurred the wrath of more than a few of these characters.



The year is 1986 and Louie Lipschitz’s career at the IRS has just begun. Within a relatively short period of time, Louie has played an instrumental role in the dismissal of a succession of audit managers whom Louie found to be morally corrupt and grossly incompetent. When not plotting the termination of his supervisors, Louie has quickly established a reputation as the best field agent in the IRS.

Working on a series of high profile fraud cases, Louie has become the lead investigator in a political corruption case motivated by fraudulent intent that defies belief. In spite of the headlines emanating from this case, Louie’s highest profile case involves his investigation of a former IRS trial attorney who has gone into the business of brokering foreign arms sales in which fifty million dollars had been secretly deposited in various foreign bank accounts under fictitious names used by a slippery lawyer whose fraudulent intent and greed seems endless.



A Tax Court judge with a personal vendetta against the federal government has ruled against the IRS in a succession of trials which the tax agency should have easily won. Frustrated with a federal judge serving a fifteen year term on the bench, the IRS decides to take the necessary action to have the judge removed from the bench. However, before impeachment proceedings commence, the judge will make startling rulings that further bewilder courtroom observers. This will eventually lead to a stunning conclusion cloaked in the ultimate irony.

At the same time, the IRS must deal with a far more sinister problem that involves a group of criminals in prison for tax evasion and other crimes now receiving millions of dollars from the tax agency. Fraudulent income tax returns are being filed around the clock in federal prisons, with tax refunds routed to off-shore bank accounts in tax haven countries. With IRS officials stymied as to how to prevent a group of criminals from manipulating the filing of electronic returns, the agency turns to the one person best qualified to tackle this problem. But is this a task too great for even Louie Lipschitz?



As a consequence of committing more tax fraud while in prison, Timothy Bell is facing an extended prison sentence. Determined to obtain an early release, Bell diverts one hundred billion dollars from the United States Treasury and threatens to steal an even larger sum unless he is granted a presidential pardon.

With negotiations for a pardon having stalled, Bell is close to bankrupting the federal government. While the government struggles with its mounting debt obligations, a Wall Street billionaire uses insider information to derive hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal trading profits at the expense of investors not privy to confidential information.

Yielding to political pressure, SEC officials decline to pursue charges against this person for insider trading.  However, the FBI is ordered by the president to run an undercover “off the books” sting operation in order to recover the financier’s ill­gotten gains.  To do so, the FBI must use someone with the unique skills of Timothy Bell to plan the sting operation.

Using a team of FBI agents and an unemployed alcoholic actor in an elaborate plan of deception, Bell agrees to work with the FBI and plays to the billionaire’s greed in order to entice him to purchase the DNA of the greatest race horse in history. However, in a series of unexpected developments, a mysterious figure manages to abscond with the five hundred million dollars that the FBI had planned to recover.  This theft sets into motion a frantic search for the money.

In a wild conclusion to a tale of complex subterfuge, the author will keep the reader guessing until the end as to its ultimate outcome.



Bill Ford and Bill White practice law like pirates looking for sunken treasure. Their conduct has finally been brought to the attention of law enforcement, thereby triggering a federal criminal investigation into their billing practices.

However, before they are brought to justice on charges of committing massive mail fraud, the law partners agree to defend two sisters who are candidates for admittance to an institution for the criminally insane. As the case quickly unravels in court and it is apparent that the law partners were ill prepared to litigate the case, the clients seek revenge against their lawyers. This will lead to a brutal attack in which the lawyers are almost killed.

Given the opportunity to cooperate with the US Attorney to avoid incarceration, the law partners provide assistance in the prosecution of their former law clients. As a consequence of doing so, the law partners continue to make more enemies who are also determined to kill them.

As the law partners continue to get into trouble with the IRS and the Department of Justice, they find themselves in a desperate situation. In order to avoid going to prison, they must employ every under-handed and deceitful trick at their disposal. For these lawyers, this will not be difficult.



In a brazen act, Wall Street billionaire Max Heller's wife is kidnapped in broad daylight. Although the original ransom demand calls for the payment of only ten million dollars, it soon increases when the kidnappers decide to extort more money from an increasingly irate billionaire whose motivation for securing his wife's freedom is called into question.

After Mrs. Heller has been released, law enforcement officials suspect that the wealthy Wall Street financier may have played a role in his wife's kidnapping. As the police and FBI pursue dual investigations, it becomes apparent that the billionaire has ulterior motives, with wealth preservation his principal concern and sex a close second.

With the FBI increasingly suspicious of Max Heller, the feds learn that he may have engaged in various criminal offenses. Despite steadfast denials that he has done nothing illegal, the billionaire is suspected of criminal behavior that could send him to prison if found guilty. As his lawyers attempt to defend him, an embattled Max Heller finds himself in an uphill battle with the Department of Justice, the IRS, and his wife and mistress.

In a riveting story of unimaginable greed and unspeakable acts of betrayal, the author will keep the reader guessing as to its shocking outcome.



A ruthless assassin brutally murders a banker, an accountant and a lawyer who were working on an acquisition of a company that does infrastructure construction without using steel components. If the acquiring company goes global, it will adversely affect the world’s steel industry.

The murders horrify law enforcement officials who have no clue as to the assassin’s identity and the person who wanted these people dead. Once it is determined that the murders are related, local police turn to the FBI for help.

Using the FBI and Pentagon’s vast resources, government officials narrow their search to a former Special Forces operative with very unique skills who has no known address. In order to apprehend this man, the FBI looks to a team of expert military snipers and highly skilled hand-to-hand combat veterans for assistance.

Setting a trap for their target proves disastrous and as the investigation stalls, the FBI is no closer to solving the case and preventing further bloodshed. With the stakes in the investigation going up, the team on the hunt for the assassin is under tremendous pressure to put a stop to the killer’s murderous rampage and find out who ordered the murders.

As the fast paced action moves across several continents in a wild chase to catch a psychopathic killer, the author will keep the reader guessing the ultimate outcome until the very end.



While vacationing in Hawaii after having stopped a ruthless Yakuza assassin from killing countless innocent people as well as killing the crazed assassin’s deranged father, Sam Carr is in search of peace and quiet. However, his life is promptly turned upside down when he falls in love with a beautiful young woman that he has only recently met.

Sam soon finds himself in the clutches of more Yakuza assassins who have been sent to Honolulu to torture and kill him. Although he is sadistically tortured, Sam is able to escape death. Determined to find out who ordered his death, Sam goes after the Yakuza assassins who assaulted him.

With vengeance and revenge driving him, Sam is determined to kill everyone who is a part of the conspiracy. However, Sam eventually learns that the conspiracy extends well beyond the attempts to kill just him. Unsure as to who is behind this conspiracy and why people are being murdered, Sam must forge alliances with those he is reluctant to trust.

Used both as an instrument of death and a tool for those seeking unimaginable wealth and power, Sam finds himself at a crossroads. Placing his trust in the wrong person can get him killed and without knowing who the wrong person is, Sam may unwittingly aid an unscrupulous adversary in achieving unparalleled power.

In a dramatic conclusion to an epic confrontation between good and evil, Sam is forced to look deep within himself if he expects to survive his greatest challenge yet.



A wealthy doctor is brutally murdered in his South Florida home by a clever killer who left no evidence at the scene of the crime. Ironically, the lead investigator had killed the doctor's father twenty years ago after the man committed theft, bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion and several heinous murders.

With a net worth of fifty million dollars, the doctor spent recklessly and lavishly on porn stars, prostitutes and five ex-wives. When an extortionist attempted to blackmail him for millions, the tax lawyer who had set up the doctor's offshore bank accounts to conceal his client's vast wealth from his creditors and the IRS is also brutally murdered.

In yet another twist, the sole beneficiary of the doctor's estate is murdered. However, that killer is also murdered, leaving the police to wonder who is able to orchestrate these murders.

Determined to see justice prevail, the police and the prosecutor proceed in spite of a lack of evidence until a surprise witness agrees to cooperate. However, even with overwhelming incriminating evidence, the outcome is problematic when the author produces one surprise after another that will leave the reader in doubt of the outcome until the very end.



Sam Carr, the world's most accomplished assassin, is detained in a Hong Kong jail on suspicion of a murder he did not commit. After escaping from jail, Sam must track down the man responsible for his incarceration who is now aligned with a powerful and brutal Vietnamese crime syndicate with roots in China.

In order to track down and kill the notorious Ming Chin Ho, Sam must first assassinate an international arms merchant with the assistance of two gorgeous female bodyguards. However, this mission will eventually lead to disastrous consequences.

Sam soon finds himself fighting Hong Kong's best assassins whom Ming has hired to kill him. At the same time, a prominent member of the president's administration with higher political aspirations in his future has also hired mercenaries to kill Sam.

To survive, Sam finds himself joining forces with a former foe as they go to great lengths to kill Ming. Yet with each bold attempt, they are unable to kill Ming and by having failed, they have placed people they care about at great personal risk.

In what comes down to a climatic confrontation between good versus evil, Sam must put an end to Ming's treachery and deal with a high ranking politician whose vindictiveness and greed has driven him to commit murder. However, Sam Carr has demonstrated that he is not easy to kill and those who try will find themselves on his death list.



Notorious lawyer Bill White is at it again. In order to obtain a favorable tax-exempt ruling from the Internal Revenue Service, the ethically challenged lawyer conspires to bribe an IRS official on behalf of his client, a corrupt private foundation engaged in money laundering. After the ruling is issued, the foundation's trustees order the murders of those IRS officials they believe may have extorted their money as an act of revenge.

With the FBI and IRS conducting separate investigations, the individuals who are parties to the bribe come under intense scrutiny. Eventually, the IRS official who was the architect of this scheme will see his assets seized and his tax year terminated, with a perjury charge still looming over his head for lying to federal officials. At the same time, Bill White will find himself being investigated for a murder that he committed thirty years ago.

Although the corrupt lawyer conspired to take only one million dollars from the extortion money that was paid to the IRS official, investigators eventually discover that another offshore bank account contains one and a half million dollars in his name. With Bill White the focus of a criminal investigation for a thirty year old crime and indirectly responsible for the deaths of four IRS officials, he is the target of a tenacious US Attorney who is determined to achieve justice for the victims of the lawyer's unscrupulous actions.



A former IRS trial lawyer who became an influential political figure and high-profile attorney is the target of a confidential informant's complaint letter. Soon after pleading guilty to having filed fraudulent tax returns, she is murdered. At the same time, her husband who is a prominent dermatologist, is the subject of an informant's complaint letter in which he is accused of having filed fraudulent insurance claims.

The IRS is owed more than four million dollars in additional taxes, interest and penalties and pursues collection action against the decedent's spouse who will have to repay many millions of dollars to Medicare. In addition, should the dermatologist be considered responsible for his wife's death, he will also be forced to repay two million dollars in death benefit claims.

Determined to avoid prison and having to repay millions of dollars to the government, the doctor decides to take on the federal government in court. Desperate to win at any cost, the doctor will do whatever is necessary to prevail.

As the FBI investigates the husband's possible involvement in his wife's death, its agents learn that he may have played a role in the death of his first wife. Deceptively elusive, the doctor seems to always be one step ahead of the FBI agents and the prosecutor who is determined to find him guilty.

In a riveting story of greed, deception and distrust, one man will do anything to win while another man will do whatever is necessary to see that a just verdict is achieved.



A young observant Jewish woman dealing with an unhappy marriage desperately wants a divorce from her abusive husband. In order to later remarry in a ceremony that is recognized under Jewish law and have children, she must be granted a Jewish divorce. However, her husband has refused to grant her a Jewish divorce out of petty vindictiveness.

When her husband is soon found murdered in the marital home, the young woman becomes the prime suspect even though there is no evidence of her guilt. She is soon arrested and charged in his murder.

As her lawyers zealously fight on her behalf, an attempt is made by the son of a Korean crime lord to kidnap her children in exchange for a ransom of twenty million dollars which her late husband is alleged to have mysteriously misappropriated from someone having an offshore bank account who reportedly died twenty years ago. As a consequence, the FBI is now involved in this case, with its agents conducting criminal investigations going back several decades that implicate fugitives from the law who are presumed to have died years ago.

With the FBI diligently pursuing a myriad of mysterious characters whose identities are cloaked in secrecy, the author will leave the reader guessing as to how one man's random murder is related to an international criminal conspiracy that involves tens of millions of dollars. The reader will experience a rollercoaster ride consisting of countless surprises until the shocking outcome is finally revealed.



Sam Carr is determined to find and kill the five men who brutally attacked him and kidnapped his girlfriend while vacationing in Hawaii. As a consequence of his actions, he is offered full immunity for any and all past crimes if he assassinates a notorious radical Islamic terrorist who is believed to be in charge of a terror cell in London. Unfortunately, things go terribly wrong on this mission.

In order to find and put an end to the mysterious person responsible for reprehensible acts of terrorism, Sam must join forces with a team of undercover Mossad agents. Yet, even though Sam has been ordered to abort the assignment, he decides to remain in London to avenge the deaths of his friends at great personal risk.

Before Sam can return to Hawaii, he still has one final score to settle. This involves finding and killing a criminal mastermind who is operating one of the largest criminal organizations in Vietnam. This has also placed at great personal risk, both Sam and those friends who are helping him in his quest for retribution.

To accomplish what he has set out to do, Sam must employ all of his skills against a ruthless adversary who has seemingly unlimited resources at his disposal. Yet, in spite of what he has been able to do, Sam cannot see a way out of this. In an epic fight with an adversary every bit as formidable as himself, Sam will test his skills like never before as the suspense builds to a stunning conclusion.


© Bruce Bronstein